17 Inappropriate Cinderella Jokes that will Leave You Scarred for Life

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If you tell us your mind wasn’t blown when you discovered that Cinderella has a bunch of crazy theories, we’re calling total BS on you! While those theories were completely IN-sane, prepare for us to rock your world with a little moreCinerella fun.

FYI, we use the term “fun” lightly because while some of these memes may be laugh-until-you-cry comical, they’re actually so inappropriate that you may never be able to watch your beloved fairy tale again. With that being said, proceed to cringe:

1. This does propose a strong argument:

2. Cindy was a bit of a nag if we’re being real…

3. …but this is just mean!

4. Whoa cool it, Fairy Godmother.

5. This clears things up:

6. One surefire way to get the Prince’s attention:

7. If not, these dance moves would do the trick:

8. Whispering sweet nothings in her ear:

9. So very blunt.

10. When you get it…*covers eyes*

11. STOP, we get it!

12. And his parting words were:

13. Come on, Cinderella!

14. Hmmmmm… love or lust?



15. So that’s what really happened?



16. Word.

17. Please shield our eyes!

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