Teen.com Endorses: In Time! 5 Reasons You Should See It

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Personally, we’d say Justin Timberlake is on a roll. With The Social Network, Bad Teacher, and Friends With Benefits (you know how we felt about that one) under his belt, he really hasn’t done any wrong. And that roll def continues with his newest flick, In Time. We already saw JT, Amanda Seyfried, Alex Pettyfer and Olivia Wilde in action on the big screen. And you guys have to see it, too. It’s hot, it’s futuristic, and, let’s face it, it includes Justin.

Need more reasons? We got ’em…

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1. Justin Timberlake’s the new Robin Hood. In a society where time is the new money, each person literally lives day-to-day. But Justin’s character, Will, is not the greedy type. When he steals, he gives just a little to himself — like just enough to survive — and spreads the time among the poor zones. (The poor sometimes only have minutes to live.)
2. Alex Pettyfer plays a bad ass. Okay, so he’s played pretty douche-y characters before (beginning of Beastly ring a bell?) ‘cept this time, he’s supposedly 75+ years old and still toting a gun. Pretty sure that’s what he’ll be looking like in his real-life future, too…
3. Amanda’s character, Sylvia, and Will play strip poker. There’s nothing we squeal over more than when our fave heartthrobs go shirtless. And the chemistry between Justin and Amanda is not as hot as his and Mila’s nearly too hot to handle.
4. Olivia Wilde’s in it for, like, 5 minutes. We’re sorry she’s not in most of the flick, since she’s so awesome (not to mention beautiful). But as something different from her usual kick-butt characters, she plays JT’s mom in this one!
5. You’ll see into the future — and it sucks! Think of the Districts in The Hunger Games. Actually, yeah, they’re very similar. And you know how those societies work. The higher the District (or in this case, Zone) number, the worse your living situation. Will lived in Zone 12. Yikes!

Want more? Check out the stills below from the flick!