Hotties of the Week: Immortals-Slash-Fantasy Edition

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Kellan Lutz Immortals

When you were a kid and heard stories about wizards, aliens, and zombies, didn’t you picture them as, like, old and/or completely terrifying?! We know we did. But after watching flicks where vampires shimmer in the sunlight and werewolves’ bodies are totally ripped, we kinda think that all mythical creatures are just plain hot. So in honor of the new flick Immortals — out 11.11.11! — we picked the Top 10 hottest not-100%-human dudes. And it was harder than we thought to narrow it down…

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1. Kellan Lutz in Immortals
What is he? An immortal, duh.
Ok, so we don’t exactly know much about the flick. But the trailer looks cool, and Kellan Lutz is shirtless, so we’re sold.

2. Alex Pettyfer in I Am Number Four
What is he? An alien.
This movie may’ve sparked the beginning of a bad breakup — sorry, Dianna! — but Alex was so hot in it, we kinda just forgot how much of a douche he is IRL.

3. Tom Felton in Harry Potter
What is he? A wizard.
Yes, we could’ve chosen Daniel or Rupert… or even Matt. But what drew us to Tom’s Draco character was his evil-turned-semi-good ways. We do love our bad boys!

4. Robert Pattinson in Twilight
What is he? A vampire.
Before we were struck by The Vampire Diaries hotties, Edward Cullen melted our hearts with his sweet (yet overprotective) personality. And unbelievable hair. And face. And everything.

5. Taylor Lautner in Twilight
What is he? A werewolf.
Yeah, yeah. We picked another guy from the Saga. But can you blame us? Jacob Black gave a completely new definition to the term wolf (six-)pack.

6. Lucas Till in X-Men First Class
What is he? A mutant.
And his power? Kinda setting things on fire uncontrollably, which basc means he makes everything hot. Very fitting, don’tcha think?

7. Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man
What is he? A human spider.
The #1 reason we’re looking forward to another spidey flick isn’t that Emma Stone shows off her natch hair color (yes, she’s a blonde!). It’s ’cause we get to see Andrew in a more sexy/non-The Social Network role.

8. Chris Evans in Captain America and Fantastic Four
What is he? A super superhero.
We don’t know which one he was sexier in — the one where they inject him with hormones to turn buff, or the one where he’s literally on fiyah!

9. Nicholas Hoult in Warm Bodies
What is he? A zombie.
Meet Edward & Bella, Part 2. But instead of being a vegetarian vampire, Nick’s character eats human brains. Awesome. Look for the flick in 2012! 

10. Logan Lerman in Percy Jackson & the Olympians
What is he? A demi-god.
His dad is Poseidon. So that automatically makes him the most bad-ass cutie on the list. Right?

If we had to choose, our runners-up would be Booboo Stewart (Eclipse), Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern) and James Franco (Spider-Man 3). We told you it was a tough call! Who’s your ultimate fantasy hottie? Are we missing anyone? Vote for your fave of our choices, then tell us who you think has the most awesome abilities in the comments!