18 of the Funniest “I’m You But Stronger” Memes You’ll Ever See

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Everyone on the Internet, it would seem, is obsessed with doppelgangers — you know, the idea that there is another, potentially evil, version of you lurking somewhere out in the world. We freak out over chance encounters with lookalikes. We like it when regular people look like celebrities, and we love it when celebrities look like things (like, just anything). The latest example of doppelganger theory permeating the web? A new-ish meme called, simply, “I’m you, but stronger.”

You’ve probably seen this meme out and about over the past month or so — it’s mostly on Twitter and Tumblr and touches on everything from Taylor Swift to One Direction — but just in case you haven’t, here’s a quick briefer: basically, it takes two different images, usually of the same person or idea, and juxtaposes them against one another. One of them is presumably weak and the other is strong, so, the first image says, “Who are you?” and the other says, “I’m you, but stronger.” You get the idea. It’s pretty simple. It is unclear whether this meme will reach the same glorious, dizzying pinnacles as Young Metro and Damn Daniel or if it’ll soon be swallowed by another greater (stronger?) meme, but in any case, you should probably check it out now. Here are the funniest “I’m you but stronger” memes you’ll ever see:

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