Beliebers Start Ignore Justin Bieber Campaign After He Reunited with Selena Gomez

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After Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted together last week, rumors that Jelena was officially back on began almost instantly. In turn, some fans now think that Justin is ignoring his Beliebers because he's too distracted by Selena and created the #ignorejustinproject, a Twitter campaign to completely ignore The Biebs until he notices something is up. One fan tweeted the guidelines but has since deleted them:


Surprisingly, multiple fans actually latched on to the idea, and began trying to make the hashtag trend.

And, not-so-surprisingly, many fans were outraged that supposed Beliebers would blatantly go against their idol. In response, they began the #supportjustinproject to show JB that his real fans still care about him.

What do YOU think about the #ignorejustinproject? Does he deserve it or do you think a true fan would support him no matter what?

Well, at least Miley supports Justin…

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