Demi Lovato’s BFF Caught Her Bae Cheating More Than Once in Their Home

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Rumors that basketball player Nick Young had cheated on his fiance Iggy Azalea started swirling back in April, and despite the apparent proof that her man wasn’t faithful, the rapper decided to stick by his side. But two months later, the 26-year-old announced that although she “tried and tried to rebuild [her] trust in him,” she was ultimately unable to and the pair decided to go their separate ways.

Now, just 10 days after their breakup was announced, the Australian beauty has revealed that she did, in fact, catch the Lakers superstar cheating on her with multiple women… in the home they shared together.

But to make matters even worse, there are now reports that the 31-year-old actually got his previous baby mama Keonna Green pregnant during his time with Iggy, which the “Team” rapper admitted he never told her about.

The blonde finished her Twitter rant by saying, “People in this world really are f*cked up,” which seems pretty fitting for this insane situation.


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