20 “If You Don’t Love Me at My” Memes That’ll Have You Rolling on the Floor

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If you don't love me meme

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If there’s one thing we know about the people of the Internet, it’s that they never miss out on an opportunity for viral memes. That’s why, when one Twitter user posted two photos side-by-side of Kim Mingyu from the K-pop group SEVENTEEN, captioned, “If you don’t love me at my, then you don’t deserve me at my,” Twitter totally ran with it.

Ever since that initial tweet was posted, other hilarious Twitter users began to make side-by-side memes of their own with that same caption, and TBH, we can’t stop laughing! Whether the memes compare movie characters, musicians, cartoons, or reality stars, they’re all sending us into side-splitting laughter, and we’re not alone! Some of our favorite celebs are even getting in on the fun by making up their own memes themselves. Want to see all of the hysterical memes that caught our eye? Take a look: