Rachel’s Biological Mom aka Quinn’s Adoptive Mom Will Be Back for Glee, Season 3!

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We love Glee and all, but what we hate?! That we never find out what happens with certain plotlines. Like, what exactly happened to Terri? And, our personal fave, what happened once Shelby adopted Quinn’s baby at the end of season 1? It looks like we’re about to find out the latter because…

According to TVLine, Idina Menzel is coming back to Glee next season! Shelby, aka Rachel’s biological mother aka Quinn’s adoptive mother will be back for season 3 for as many as “10-12 episodes” and is involved in a “major story arc” for the show. Let’s hope we get to see more of Baby Beth!

Are you happy Shelby’s coming back? Think she’ll sing more duets with Rachel? We wanna know below!