From Our BFFS: Will You Watch the iCarly/Victorious Crossover Ep?!

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iCarly and Victorious are having a crossover episode, which means Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice are going to sing. Together. This is pretty much our dream come true. [J-14]

The season finale of 90210 airs next week and there’s bound to be drama. With a graduation and a wedding, though, how could there not be?! [Hollywire]

As if we didn’t already have enough TV to watch this summer, we’re adding Switched at Birth to our already-packed DVR. These pics prove it’s gonna be amazing! [Just Jared]

And don’t forget, Worst. Prom. Ever airs tonight on MTV! And we’re watching it mostly because the cast is just so freakin’ adorable in this interview. [Cambio]

The gleeks are going to prom tonight, but are the kids of Secret Life next? We can so see Adrian rockin’ a pregnancy prom dress. [Wetpaint]

Britney Spears has announced the third single off “Femme Fatale!” What do you think of her choice?! [Popdust]

Never Say Never comes out on DVD on Friday, but if you Beliebers can’t wait that long, we bet this bonus footage of Justin Bieber will hold you over. Probably. [JSYK]

Who else is joining Emma Watson and Logen Lerman in Perks of Being a Wallflower?. Wow, this cast is turning out to be the best, like, ever [Posh24]

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