19 Painfully Awkward Times the Internet Made iCarly Way too Inappropriate

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On it’s own, iCarly was a pretty risque show. Like, ICYMI, the Nickelodeon sitcom managed to slip in a few not so subtle sexual innuendos into its 30-minute time slot. Pretty impressive for an alleged children’s show, you know?

Welp, as they say, give someone an inch and they’ll take a mile. This is certainly the case for a couple of internet artists who managed to place Carly (Miranda Cosgrove), Sam (Jennette McCurdy) and Freddie (Nathan Kress) on a whole other level of inapprops. Don’t believe us? Prepare to be proven wrong.

1. That time they decided to use this as an opportune moment to press pause:

2. Welp, their friendship is kind of one big threesome!

3. This is probs 100 percent accurat, TBH:

4. Wait…That wasn’t good ol’ fashioned soda pop?!



5. Wellll…

6. OMG!

7. That is one PG-13 pickup line:

8. We’re sorry, but WHA– ?!

9. Take what “thing” and “stick it” where exactly?

10. This clears up a few things:

11. We feel so uncomfortable right now.

12. Carly really can’t catch a break.

13. Make it stop!!!

14. But why?!

15. Ugh, gross!

16. That awkward moment when:

17. BFs or GFs?

18. Come on, Carly, have you learned nothing about online predators?!

19. Is this some kind of a sick joke?!

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