What Ian Somerhalder Will Look Like in 40+ Years

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Unlike our past “aged” celebs (Swifty, Darren, Katy, etc.), this one — thanks to TVDFAN! — will be a little more brief. One, because Ian Somerhalder is absolutely gorg now, so we don’t like to think of him as an old man. And two, well, he’s a little older already, so we already know what he’s gonna look like in his thirties (he’s shockingly 33 now!). So since we love the idea of growing old with Ian, we decided to take a glimpse into what he could poss look like in the future. Think he’ll be just as smokin’?

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Ian at 33 years old
If anyone ever says they’ve seen someone more beautiful, they’re lying.

See how Ian’s gonna look!

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