Ian Somerhalder’s More Serious with Nikki Reed Than He Was with Nina

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For those who are still holding out for a Nian reunion, we hate to break it to ya, but Ian Somerhalder seems to be more serious with Nikki Reed during the span of their short relationship than he ever was with Nina Dobrev. Not only did the new twosome, which we refer to as Nikkian, recently adopt a a horse named Eagle together — Nian shared a cat, but that’s about it — now they’ve reportedly moved in with each other!

According to Us Weekly, the pair are shacking up in Atlanta, GA, where Ian’s currently filming the sixth season of The Vampire Diaries (with real-life ex-girlfriend/on-screen love Nina Dobrev, which is not-at-all awkward). “[Nikki] goes to set every day,” the report suggests, adding that they’re also planning on getting a place in Los Angeles together, too.

While we say it’s too soon (mainly because, we repeat, NIAN!!!), as long as everyone’s happy, we guess it’s okay. How do you feel about Nikkian? Weigh in!

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