New Couple Alert! Ian Somerhalder &… Nina Dobrev’s BFF, Nikki Reed?

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If you still ship Nian — VOTE FOR THE FORMER COUPLE HERE! — we have some not-so-great news for you: There's a new woman in Ian Somerhalder's life. You've probably heard of her before. Nikki Reed? You know, Twilight's Rosalie Cullen? Yeah, her. She and Ian are reportedly more than friends. Makes sense because of all they have in common what with both of them playing vampires… and their close connection to Nina Dobrev.

As we're all aware, Nina and Ian broke up last year, crushing the hearts of all the fans of The Vampire Diaries' 'It' couple Delena. And a couple months back, Nina and Nikki took a ~$20,000 selfie~ together. Now, it appears that Ian and Nikki have cut out the middle (wo)man, and are hanging out sans the beautiful 25-year-old actress (and getting cozy while they're at it). Here they are this past Saturday:


While it could just be a friendly jog, the pictures that surfaced from the following day are a little more intimate. Although plenty of people in Hollywood have proved that they can remain pals after dating the same person, we're sure it's gotta be at least a little awkward for Nina. No?

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