Ian Somerhalder’s About to Become a Grandpa… to Dog Nietzche’s Puppies

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Instagram (@iansomerhalder)He may only be 34 years old, but Ian Somerhalder's already bracing himself to become a grandfather… to his dog's puppies, that is.

On October 2, the heartthrob Instagrammed, "The calm before the storm… Launching Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries & preparing for the launch of a whole part of life — being a GRANDFATHER. Yup, I've got my hand on a belly with 8 little ones about to explode out into the world. What I thought was one rescue become 9 — Mama Nietzsche is a trooper — babies coming in about 48hrs… Aunt @thejram & Uncle @polivierjr GET READY for some BABIES! 2 cats 9 dogs — is that considered a hoarder???"

His timing may be a little off though as it's now six days after the fact. But still, it seems like the time has finally come:

Instagram (@iansomerhalder)

The caption reads: "She's in Labor! Aunt @thejram (aka midwife) & Uncle @polivierjr our little Nietzsche girl is about to drop a ton of love into the world. World, please send super-positive energy to this very brave and very scared little girl. THIS ignites even more, ISF's vision and the absolute necessity to finish research and distribute SAFE species-specific oral sterilization drugs for dogs and cats! Lets put our heads together and end OVERPOPULATION OF THESE INCREDIBLE ANIMALS! Thank you!"

Can you believe it? Ian Somerhalder's really gonna be a (hot, young) grandfather! Leave your congratulatory messages in the comments below.

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