Ian Somerhalder Slams the Heck Out of Instagram Trolls Hating on Nikki Reed

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Damon Salvatore’s bite has nothing on Ian Somerhalder‘s. After word got out that the 35-year-old actor is dating Nikki Reed, who just so happens to be a friend of his ex, Nina Dobrev, the Internet collectively slammed the 26-year-old Twilight actress because #Nian.

However, Ian, being the caring soul that he is, took to Instagram himself to defend his new girlfriend, “You HATE NIKKI REED? Really? Do you know her? Hmmmm, I’m not sure that you do. Look on her Instagram feed or [T]witter and all you will see is a compassionate and beautiful human being. Please put your negative energy elsewhere. You don’t even know the person you’re talking about.”

“Do you care about me? Ask yourself that question. What’s the answer? Is it yes? If it is — then please be happy for me. Stop this nonsense — you’re spreading horrible energy into the world. Do some research of the person you say sucks or you HATE. You’ll find that she’s a magical person doing great things in the world,” he continues.

He conclues, “I’m sickened and saddened by the fans’ response to all this. Many fans have stood up people like you and tried to empower you with some compassion. If we all thought a little or [learned] a little about people before we spoke about them, the world wouldn’t be so upside down and in the worst place in history. If you hate Nikki then you must hate me…That’s sad. Have an amazing day!”


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