Ian Harding Is Team Ezra — But He Does Not Want An Underage Girlf In Real Life

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We’re counting down the hours until tonight’s Pretty Little Liars‘ season finale, and as if we aren’t excited to begin with, a recent interview with Ian Harding — where he reveals he’s totally team Ezra — makes us beside ourselves with anticipation.

Click on to find out which PLL girl he’d hook up with IRL and just how far Ezra and Aria will go.

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On who he would date in real life: I probably would have gone for Aria. She’s unique and has the whole short brunette thing, which in high school is all I dated. I think I would’ve been driven to how creative and artsy and well-spoken she is.

On the PLL finale: People are going to be angry at Ezra because there’s going to be some words that were not spoken to Aria that she’s going to be pretty [angry] about.

On sleeping together: I think it will come up and once it does it’ll be done in a way that’s very tasteful and sweet. It’s not like, “Yeah, now it’s time!” These two people absolutely love each other.

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