From Our BFFS: What Happens When Fans Meet Rebecca Black?

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Think you’re obsessed with Rebecca Black? Wait until you see this guy!

What does JoJo have on her 2012 most wanted list? A new album, a new car and…well, basc it’s gonna be a very busy year. [Just Jared Jr.]

Taylor Swift‘s CoverGirl ad got pulled in the UK! But we promise you’ll never guess why. [TWIST]

Taylor Swift CoverGirl Ad


Forget Justin Bieber the pop star, he’s Bieber the rap star now. [Cambio]

Who would you rather date…Robert Pattinson or Justin Bieber? We know who Naya Rivera would choose…[Wetpaint]

And speaking of dating, we wouldn’t mind spending a night (or uh, 8 nights of Chanukah) with these hot Jews… [gURL]

Are you a vegan or vegetarian? Then you have a lot more in common with Lea Michele and Avril Lavigne than you think. [HuffPost High School]

If we vote for Lauren Conrad over Whitney Port in this fashion battle, does that mean Whit will stop being BFFs with us?! It’s a risk we’re willing to take. [Posh24]

Hey, Chuck and Blair! We really wish you two would date IRL, so uh, can you? Kthanksbye. [Hollywire]

Gossip Girl Chuck and Blair

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