Popular YouTube Comedian Accused of Stealing Another YT Star’s Jokes

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Back before being a YouTube star was a thing people thought they could actually do for a living, Shane Dawson was racking in millions of views. Over the course of his 5-year YT career, the 27 year old has more than 6.5 million subscribers and is one of the most well-known online comedians. But in a shocking turn of events, the bisexual YouTuber has been accused of stealing another YT star’s jokes. Well, kinda…

I Hate Everything, a person who uploads videos ranting about things he dislikes, posted a video comparing the jokes in one of Shane’s recent vids to his own that went live more than a week prior. It gets kind of confusing, because while the “SAM PEPPER APOLOGY” video is on the twenty something’s channel, it’s actually narrated by another online personality, Destery. But no matter who came up with the concept/approved the recording, the similarities are quite clear and were all mapped out by the mysterious YouTuber in the following video. Fast forward to about 5:30 to hear the comparison:

Wow… the similarities are pretty blatant, if you ask us.

“I do not understand why talentless joke thieves use the energy to find other people’s joke, straight up steal them word for word, make them worse and less funny in every way,” he continued. “If this was some small-fry channel, I wouldn’t really give as much of a s*it, but it’s the fact that it’s Shane Dawson’s channel. I guess Dawson is buds with The Gabbie Show, who is also a dirty joke thief.”

Shots freakin’ fired. Do you think Shane and/or Destery are to blame here, or were the videos’ similarities just coincidence? Tell us your thoughts below!

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