Spotlight! 10 of the Funniest Quotes from Hungercraft YouTube Videos

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Last week’s Spotlight focused on YouTube videos to prepare procrastinators for Halloween. But this time around, we wanna shed some light on specific YouTubers who had some of the best Minecraft moments. Or, to be more specific, Hungercraft. With The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hitting theaters later this month, this is the perfect time to focus on the YT game. Here are some of the top quotes from some of the Internet’s best:

Smosh Games (2:08)
“We’re all friends! Now let’s murder each other.”

Joey Graceffa (6:31)
“Stop freaking running and accept it! Accept the fact that you are going to die.
Whatever, screw you.”

LDShadowLady (1:56)
“I took someone down. That means I get five points for killing him.
I feel kinda bad about it though.”

LukesArcade (:18)
“I heard that you have to run until you can’t run no more.”

iJustineGaming (1:38)
“I should help them manicure their lawn.”

stacyplays (16:08)
“I really don’t care who I kill. Gonna be impartial here.”

LifeBurry (5:09)
“I look… like a Gamer Girl Bimbo.”

Brandin Games (8:21)
“Thank you for killing my… stealing my kill. Killing my still. :laughs:”

Wysie (14:03)
“I’m crouched all the time… Most of the time, anyway.”

gamnrd (9:55)
“Joey [Graceffa], come here. I want a selfie.”

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