Yay or Nay: Would You Go to a ‘Hunger Games’ Theme Park?

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We all know and LOVE The Hunger Games, but is a theme park in the works? It's not secret that there is TONS of product tie-ins for this mega-blockbuster (hello, CoverGirl!) but the world of Panem might actually be coming to life according to Deadline.

Apparently, during a phone conference on Friday, Lionsgates' CEO Jon Feltheimer revealed they have been “approached in two territories about potential theme park opportunities” based on the blockbuster film. There isn't too much other info from him on that subject other than when he mentioned, “We’re pursuing them.”

Well, that's rather interesting. It's no secret that something like this would brings in lots of money, but we think it might not be the most tasteful thing to do. After all, The Hunger Games is about a dystopian future where children are literally forced into an arena to kill each other.

Now, we get why they'd want to do this — The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has been a smashing success and is already expanding down at Universal Studios Orlando. However — while there were dark points of the story — it was mainly about magic and the power of friendship. The Hunger Games centers on an all powerful leader who rules the government with an iron fist which leads to a rebellion and war.

What do YOU think? Would you go to The Hunger Games theme park? Or should they leave the world of Panem on the pages (and the screen)? Sound off in the comments section!