‘The Hunger Games Collection’ Peeta Mellark Doll: Cute or Creepy?

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Tonner Doll Co.

We asked you last week for your thoughts on the new One Direction UGG boots (where, so far, they’re not rated so high among Teen.com readers). Since that was fun, getting your reviews and all, we thought we’d ask you for your thoughts on this product based on another popular item: The Hunger Games movie franchise!

Tonner Dolls recently released images of the Katniss Everdeen and Gale Hawthorne collectibles from the THG collection, but we’re here to talk about the Peeta Mellark figurine based on Josh Hutcherson‘s character, whose photos were just revealed this week. One thing you probably should know about it: it’s retail price is $169.99! Get your first look at the doll above. Does it look like Josh/Peeta? Is it worth the price? Vote in the poll below, then leave any of your other other thoughts in the comments!

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