The 6 Most Creative ‘Hunger Games’-Inspired Costumes

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It’s the year of The Hunger Games and Katniss Everdeen is going to be the major costume this Halloween. The trick to becoming Katniss is easy; your costume just has to be way better than everyone else’s. We found some of our favorite Hunger Games outfits from around the web, so that you can start prepping your costume.

The Girl on Fire
One way to get creative with your Katniss costume is to dress in her infamous interview dress that bursts into flames when she spins. This girl made her dress out of colored feathers and what we can only assume is a wedding dress!

The Entire Cast
Want a way to show up everyone else who’s going solo as Katniss? Get your entire group of friends to dress like all the main players in the game from Effie to Haymitch all the way to the style team and the tributes. We love the group dedication here!

Effie Trinket
We honestly think the most fun you could have with Hunger Games costumes is dressing up as Effie Trinket. After all, her clothes and makeup are by far the most fun and costume-like compared to the rest of the cast.

The Couple Costume
If you and your boyfriend are heading out together this Halloween and want to be adorable and matching, then go with the Katniss and Peeta combo. They are obviously the cutest couple of the year and you can totally reenact the romantic cave scene. :wink wink:

The Reaping Costume
What better way to set yourself a part then to go as Katniss, pre-tribute? You still get to wear your braid and a cute dress! Plus, all you have to do is go out and find yourself a Gale that night.

Katniss Everdeen
There are some things you need to remember when being Katniss Everdeen: the braid, the Mockingjay pin and the bow are ALL necessities when becoming the iconic character. Plus, you get to throw some fake blood around your face.

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