Happy Birthday, Amandla Stenberg! How to Make Rue’s Floral Head Wreath

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Happy birthday to Amandla Stenberg (aka The Hunger Games‘ Rue) — she’s now 14! By now, you know how we feel about celebrity birthdays; we have to find some creative way to let the stars know how much we appreciate ’em. And since we created this festive Foxface paper garland for Jacqueline Emerson‘s big day, we thought we’d go the DIY route for Amandla as well.

We wanted to do something pretty and not too costume-y (though, this would totally work for a Hunger Games Halloween party). So we settled on a beautiful head wreath with wildflowers, inspired by one of the most emotional parts of the movie: Rue’s death in the Games when Katniss gathers flowers to decorate her makeshift memorial. (Though, you couldn’t really see it in the film, so we opted to show you how it should look via fan art as well.)

Lionsgate; Inset: Deviant Art (commoner-pocky)

Step 1: Buy some floral tape and wire, along with some wildflowers. We thought about using white roses, President Snow’s calling card, but thought it would be too creepy. We settled on white Lisianthus.

Step 2: Bend the wire into a circle that will fit on your head.

Step 3: Cut off stems and secure them to the wire using the floral tape. Try to only put tape in a few places that you can then cover up with filler flowers such as Baby’s Breath.

Step 4: Add the perfect finishing touch, a Hunger Games Mockingjay pin.

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