A Ranking of the Hunger Games Deaths from Finally to FML!

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WARNING: This post contains *SPOILERS* if you haven’t seen the last movie or read the book yet.

Without fail, The Hunger Games always knew how to pull on our heart strings. Aside from the fact that the very first book is completely revolved around kids killing other kids, characters we know and love have continuously died off throughout the series. And some of these we seriously still can’t get over.

And you think we’d be used to it by now? Considering that tragic book character deaths are actually pretty common within our favorite YA series’. But these characters we’ve watched grow. We’ve watched them be a part of the revolution. And we’ve watched some of them even cause the very problems that Katniss faces.

So, get out your tissues, because as this list goes on, the FEELS are just going to become even more real:

9. President Snow — We all secretly loved the thought of President Snow getting trampled by the very people he suppressed. But, you know what struck a nerve for us when it came to his ultimate demise? The granddaughter he left behind. *sniffle*

8. Alma Coin — In a moment of pure rage and heartbreak, Katniss turned on the woman that was originally supposed to be on her side. While we may have been just as angry and distraught as Katniss was in that moment, we do still feel for this character’s unplanned death. Really, who saw that coming?!

7. Seneca Crane — Was this character’s death really necessary?! In a sick twist of fate, Seneca was forced to take his own life in the exact same way that Katniss and Peeta compromised the games. When, really, he was just trying to do his job, right? *tears*

6. Cato — All Cato knew was the games. He was born and raised to be the killer that Katniss and Peeta faced in the arena. And in the final moments of his life, anyone could see just how much his training and mindset really did start to affect him. Nobody deserves to go the way Cato did.



5. Mags — The second Mags stood up and started walking towards the fog we COULD NOT contain ourselves. Yeah, we all knew she was probably going to go eventually…But Finnick needed her! And she was way too old and sweet to have even been back in the arena in the first place. Why Suzanne Collins?! WHY?!

4. Cinna — Cinna’s death had to be one of the most surprisingly heartbreaking deaths in the whole entire series. But, unfortunately, he also was a symbol of just how strong President Snow was. The second Katniss started to witness his death and then IMMEDIATELY was thrown into the arena, we were definitely shaking along with her. That has to be one of the hardest ones to watch.



3. Rue — When Rue died we ABSOLUTELY lost it. She was so young! And she reminded us so much of Prim. Her death also happened to be the first time that Katniss was really faced with the reality of the Games — and the pure loss of an innocent child. So sad. *tear* We’re not crying. *tear* Just…remembering…Okay, someone get us a full tissue box!

2. Finnick — Finnick fought a hard battle, but couldn’t make it through. He left Annie a widow and we cried for every single moment from there on out that we knew that she was alone. *sobbing* But at least Finnick has once again been reunited with Mags… *balling*



1. Prim — WHY?! Prim’s death has to be one of the hardest YA deaths that we’ve ever had to deal with. Let’s face it, this entire revolution started from the moment that Katniss volunteers in order to protect her sister. And, in the end? Katniss couldn’t save her sister from reaching her unfortunate end WAY. TOO. SOON. *straight up ugly crying*

And we’re still not over it. Time to go get another box! *continues sobbing forever*

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