Another ‘Hunger Games’ Sneak Peek: Haymitch and Cinna Get ‘Catching Fire’ Character Posters

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On Monday, we got to see the official Capitol portraits for both Effie Trinket and Caesar Flickerman, now it’s Haymitch Abernathy turn and Cinna’s turn! Along with the posters for Effie (Elizabeth Banks) and Caesar (Stanley Tucci), each had a hashtag with a clue as to which poster would be next so fans could take their guesses. For Effie it was “LadiesFirst,” and for Caeser it was “ApplausePlease.”

It wasn’t hard to guess Haymitch’s, as the clue with Caesar’s poster — which was revealed on IGN — was “SpinInStyle.” The clue for the next poster reveal (on People) said, “YourFashionHero,” which was the Capitol portrait for Katniss’ loyal stylist, Cinna. See Cinna’s poster below!



The next character poster that’s set to be revealed (on MSN Movies) comes with the hint your “luminous 74thVictor.” We’re putting our money on Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence). Check out a photo of the chair (that might we add, is far less luxurious than the other ones so far) below.



There have been a number of Catching Fire sneak peeks in the last couple of weeks, and these are just the latest. While these of course are wetting fans’ appetites since CF doesn’t hit theaters until November 22, but the thing people really want to see is the trailer. Don’t fret though, as it’s reported that the first Catching Fire teaser trailer will be revealed at the MTV Movie Awards on April 14.

Who do you think is going to get the next Capitol portrait? Share your theories in the comments!

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