The Must-See First Acting Jobs of the Hunger Games Cast

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Tumblr (adelaidekane-rph)

Tumblr (adelaidekane-rph)

Since the first acting jobs of the Divergent cast were so interesting to us, we wanted to dig deep into the past of the cast of another huge franchise: The Hunger Games. We already know that the megawatt Lionsgate film is Willow Shields‘ first, but what about the rest? Excluding commercials, we’ve got ’em for you right here:

Jennifer Lawrence — She may be snagging all the big parts now, but back in 2006, she had a small part on Monk where she pretty much was covered in a lion costume the whole time.

Josh Hutcherson — Little J.Hutch starred in a bunch of TV movies before hitting the big screen with Paul Giamatti in American Splendor when he was 10 years old. You can even spot him in the trailer dressed up as Batman’s sidekick, Robin. D’aw.

Liam Hemsworth — Three years before he stole our hearts (and Miley Cyrus‘) in The Last Song, the Aussie hottie was featured on an episode of Australian TV series McLeod’s Daughters. This was his second role after his guest-star stint on Home and Away (but there was no clip of that on YouTube, so…).

Alexander Ludwig — Besides playing good ol’ Boy #2 – Kevin in Eve and the Fire Horse, AL kicked off his journey to stardom in 2007’s The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising.

Woody Harrelson — It’s been nearly thirty years since his first film, Wildcats, and, you know something, he looks exactly the same!

Elizabeth Banks — Never, ever, ever want to see Elizabeth in Surrender Dorothy.

Sam Claflin — Coincidentally, Sam starred opposite Donald Sutherland (a.k.a. President Snow) on the eight-part miniseries The Pillars of the Earth.

Jena Malone — Johanna Mason’s first-ever flick was super intense. (The title alone, Bastard Out of Carolina, is a major giveaway of that.)

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