Where Are They Now? The Dead Tributes from The Hunger Games

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In 2012 the world was blessed with the first installment of The Hunger Games and our lives were forever changed. The YA novels that have become movies are SO good and film after film we become more hooked. The first film made Jennifer Lawrence a big freaking deal and we are totally grateful for her, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson. The Hunger Games trio is ah-mazing together, but they aren’t the film’s only stars.

Sure Elizabeth Banks is wickedly great in the films (we do LOVE her in Pitch Perfect as well), but we’re talking about all the tributes that were killed in the first film. Even though many of the tributes didn’t have that much screen time a lot of them have gone on to acting greatness. To see what Alexander Ludwig aka Cato and the rest of his tribute friends are up to now scroll through our gallery.