Critics Weigh In: Is Jennifer Lawrence Too Fat For Katniss and Amandla Stenberg Too Black For Rue?!

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Okay, so despite jokingly suggesting some studs that we think would have made a better Peeta than Josh Hutcherson, we pretty much love the whole cast of The Hunger Games. Every time we watch the movie (and obvs, we’ve watched it several times already!) we realize how perf every character was cast! Unfortunately… not everyone agrees.

We recently stumbled onto the Hunger Games Tweets Tumblr, and saw a ton of shocking tweets from people who did NOT like Amandla Stenberg and Lenny Kravitz as Rue and Cinna!

The last one just drives us crazy — especially because Amandla was adorbs, and Rue is described as dark-skinned in the book! So we’re so happy to see that some people are sticking up for her:

But believe it or not, Rue and Cinna aren’t the only characters people are complaining about — some critics are saying Jennifer Lawrence is too fat to play Katniss! Ya know. Because she’s supposed to be starving and all.

This pic from Jenn’s photoshoot with Glamour UK definitely proves she’s curvy, but fat?! Nu uh.

Despite praising her performance, The Hollywood Reporter mentioned Jenn’s “lingering baby fat” and Hollywood Elsewhere says she is too “big boned” to play a good love interest to Josh Hutcherson. Even the LA Times asked the question of whether or not a character from a supposedly starving District should look… hungrier.

What do you think though? Did the directors do a good job casting Rue, Cinna and Katniss? Or did something about them bother you?

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