10 Best Hunger Games Cakes–From Edible Mockingjays and Arrows to Peeta Mellark!

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Okay, we acknowledge the irony in writing about food in relation to a series called, um, The Hunger Games. But let’s also acknowledge Panem’s hottest icing-wielder! In District 12, cakes are a rare and expensive treat that people like Katniss could never fathom buying, but they’re surely worth the splurge when decorated by Peeta Mellark. In fact, just pretend these delish cakes were made by him. If you don’t tell, we won’t…

 Peeta Camouflage Cake
If at first you were thinking “WTF?” in response to this cake, remember Peeta’s camouflage skills. He can’t shoot like Katniss or kill like some of the other tributes, but he is totally capable of blending into the arena.


 Sponsor Gifts Cake (er… Hanging Confectionery?)
Cake that hangs from the ceiling? Enough said. We may not need supplies as desperate as the tributes, but it’s still pretty cool to pretend they’re floating down from the sky.

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 Tell Us Your Team Cupcakes
For a bite-sized treat, try out these “girl on fire”/”boy with the bread” cupcakes and make your allegiance to Gale or Peeta crystal clear–the baker of these did!

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 Bloody Cake
Eating fake blood may feel a little creepy, but it’s in tune with the intense nature of the books. Check out the inclusion of President Snow’s signature rose for some total foreshadowing!

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The Hunger Games Cover Cake
It’s an obvious choice to rip inspiration directly from the cover of the first book, but we appreciate the addition of the nightlock berries. They look so realistic we’re (almost) too scared to eat them!

Cake on Fire
Flames made from sugar, a mockingjay pin made from fondant, and roses made from gumpaste. EPIC. And delicious.

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 Cornucopia Cake
Somehow, this cake manages to make tracker jackers look cute. We’re not complaining, we’re just glad we won’t be stung!


 Shot by an Arrow Cake
Obviously the queen of archery, Katniss Everdeen, would be able to perfectly puncture the stem of that rose. After all, this girl hit the apple in a pig’s mouth as she shot straight at the Gamemakers. She’s got great aim.


 In the Arena Cake
Topped with Swiss meringue butter cream frosting and surrounded by Pirouline cookies, this version of the arena looks totally delish. Who cares if it’s supposed to be dangerous? We’ll eat our way through it.

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 Peeta and Katniss Together ‘Til the End Cake
This cake encapsulates Katniss and Peeta’s final moment in the arena, hands held and deadly nightlock berries at the ready. Let’s all say it together, “AWWW!!!”

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Which Hunger Games cake is your favorite? Any suggestions for more awesome cakes? Which one would you most like to eat? Tell us in the comments!

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