#HungerGames100: We’ve Got Piece 41 of The Hunger Games Puzzle Hunt!

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Not that we’re counting or anything, but The Hunger Games comes out in exactly 100 days from today. Pretty exciting, eh?! And to celebrate this momentous countdown, Lionsgate (the peeps who make the movie) are building up the hype by revealing an exclusive new Hunger Games poster! The catch? They’re sending fans on a spree around the internet Twitter (which, truth, you probs do already) to find all 100 puzzle pieces on 100 different websites. Yes, here at Teen.com we feel honored to be included.

Hunger Games Poster Hunt 100 Days Puzzle


So, what does this mean for you? Deets are in the pic above, but basically, we’re tweeting our puzzle piece (number 41/100!) with the hash tag #hungergames100 at 1pm EST, as are the 99 other websites. So make sure you’re on Twitter at that time so you can be the first to assemble all 100 puzzle pieces. We’ll include a link to download our piece, too. Don’t worry. And then when you get all of ’em, post the completed puzzle on your Facebook page and make sure to tag @TheHungerGames and also tweet it to @thehungergames.

Then what happens? Once the first person solves the whole puzzle, the entire poster will be revealed. And PS, we’ll reveal it on Teen.com too!

Got all that? Get off of here and get yourself on Twitter already! Fingers crossed that you find all 100 pieces first!

And PS, get even more deets on the competition right here!

Are you pumped for the movie? Think you’ll play (and win!) this puzzle hunt? Tell us in the comments and then go go go!

UPDATE! Check out the full poster — with al 100 puzzle pieces put together — below!

Hunger Games New Movie Poster