How This Up-and-Coming British Artist is Getting Personal with His New Music

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There are few things we love more than getting to know up-and-coming celebrities who are about to become a household name. Nothing is sweeter than being able to say, “We knew them when…” and it’s really incredible being able to see artists rise to fame. That’s why we were so excited to have HRVY (pronounced like Harvey) come visit us in our NYC office and be able to sit down and talk to him about his music, which major artist he wants to work with and what he’s looking forward to most in 2018.

If you don’t know who HRVY is, let us give you a quick rundown. He got his start on social media and just released his EP, Talk to Ya, and the music video for his hit single, “Personal,” has over 53 MILLION views on YouTube. Oh, and did we mention that he’s an adorable 19-year-old from England?

HRVY had a whirlwind 2017 by releasing six music videos and singles in as many months and uploading tons of covers in honor of his EP. When we asked him to describe the past six months in three words, he had a tough time, but eventually settled on “exciting, tiring and loving” because of how much he has been working and the amount of love has received from his family and fans.

Talk to Ya has been out for two months and has already been successful, but HRVY was still nervous about people hearing it for the first time.

“I’ve been vibing and doing music for years being in the studio and writing,” HRVY said. “We started writing the songs for the EP last year. It all happened really quickly; sometimes you can be working for years and have one week where you bang out a ton of new music and go, ‘Wow, we could really make an EP out of this thing.'”

Each of HRVY’s songs has a different style and sound, which is something that was actually super intentional.

“A lot of our studio time was experimenting with different sounds and kind of vibes,” HRVY said. “Some worked and some completely didn’t. I still don’t really know what my sound is, but I think that’s okay because, as an artist, it’s quite cool to not have sound and to just do what feels good and what people like.”

We love that HRVY doesn’t try to force himself into a specific style of music, and we think that one of the reasons why his sound varies so much is because of where he finds inspiration.

“I like Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake and I like Khalid as well, he’s so cool,” HRVY said. “He’s my age, which is insane because I feel like I’m younger than most of the crowd, but he’s my age… I would also love to work with Niall Horan, too! He was in One Direction and came out and is doing really well. His sound is so different, and he doesn’t have a specific style, it’s just Niall.”

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Do we even have to say that we would absolutely freak out if this collaboration actually happened??

Other than grilling HRVY about what a song with Niall would sound like, we HAD to ask the vital question: What happened to the ‘A’ and ‘E’ in his name? “The ‘A’ and ‘E’ disappeared,” HRVY said, laughing. “Basically, [I] and my team were having a discussion on how to be a little different and stand out, and honestly it’s still not that different. They decided to go with HRVY instead of Harvey because my full name, Harvey Cantwell, isn’t very artist-y. It’s kind of annoying because now people call me “HER-VEY” or just pronounce the four letters.”

It definitely gets people talking and we think it helps him be a standout among the rest. With such a great 2017, HRVY’s 2018 is already set to be even bigger because he’s officially going on tour! We asked him about his tweet in which he mentioned how badly he wanted to take his show on the road and we were told that something was in the works. Last week, HRVY couldn’t contain his excitement and announced that he’s teaming up with The Vamps on the group’s Night & Day Tour:

Although he’s got a big schedule coming up, when we asked HRVY what he’s most excited about for 2018, he had the sweetest answer. “I’m just so excited about my music,” HRVY said. “To be able to put more out there and to continue to create.”

Be sure to check out HRVY’s EP, Talk to Ya, available on all streaming services!