How to Wear Your Prom Gear After Prom

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You buy all this gorg stuff for prom and then you wear it for one night. One night! Then it lives in the back of your closet for years. That doesn’t have to be the case! Here are some ways that celebs wear these fancy prom-worthy accessories and totally make ’em work in real life.

Cocktail Rings
It’s no style faux pas to pile on the rings. Actually, it’s quite the statement. An easy trick to toning down that fancy sparkler from prom is pairing it with other simple rings. Don’t try and compete too much! Zoe Kravitz has the trick down pat here. It doesn’t get more casual than wearing headphones over your knit cap!


Statement Necklaces
Chances are that door-knocker necklace took center stage in your prom ensemb, alongside your dress, of course! But dressing it down for everyday can mean wearing it in layers and over clothes, not with strapless tops. Kristen Bell  plays down this hot necklace by not only wearing it on top of a shirt, but also layering it with a blazer.


Super-Dangly Earrings
Showstopping earrings really get all the attention with chic prom updos. They’re also pretty great when worn with loose, flowing hair. It’s kinda like a cute pattern on the inside of your coat. Flip your hair back or tuck it behind your ears, a la Nina Dobrev here, and show off the goods!


Clutch Purses
That fancy clutch you bought for prom can actually go with jeans! You just have to style it right. Alexa Vega pairs hers with jeans and a tucked-in shirt that bring the casual and formal looks to a happy medium. The added bonus is that you have less to carry around. And clutches are also great for red carpet-worthy poses. (Obvi.)


Have you worn any of your prom accessories with your regular clothes? Would you try any of these looks with your prom gear?

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