11 Hacks & Tips to Make Your Heels More Comfortable You MUST See Before Prom

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Prom dress? Check. Prom hairstyle? Check. Prom shoes? Check… well, kinda.

Sure, you may have the perfect pair of heels in mind that you know will make your prom aesthetic absolutely PERFECT, but let’s be real — wearing high heels is tough AF. Between the blisters, the pain and the awkward wobbles, it’s like; is it really worth it? Answer: yes, ESPECIALLY after you see these super-helpful hacks to make your heels so comfortable you’ll be able to wear ’em all prom night long!

1. When looking to buy a pair of shoes online, measure the distance between the heel and the sole. If the gap is 3 centimeters or more, your heels will be comfy!

2. Wrapping your third and fourth toe will really make your heel-wearing experience more pleasant, because this prevents strain on the nerve that runs between ’em and prevents pain.

3. Here’s how you can find your ideal heel height:

4. Prevent blisters by rubbing deodorant on spots that rub against your feet:

5. Since wearing heels puts all the weight on the balls of your feet, it’s common to want to walk on your toes. Consciously think about walking heel-toe to stay more stable.

6. Why does this ~weird~ trick work? It’s all about keeping your feet moisturized!

7. There’s nothing worse than feeling your feet get sweaty and sliding around in your heels! Prevent this from happening by sticking pantyliners in your shoes:



8. You can also use hairspray!

9. If you feel like your heels are squeezing your toes, fill a plastic baggy halfway with water, stick it in your shoe, and freeze overnight. The water will expand, stretching the shoes!

10. Another way to stretch your heels is to wear them in thick socks and use a blow dryer to heat up the material:

11. Let’s sum up all these helpful hacks with this chart:

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