14 Beauty Blender Hacks & Tips That’ll Transform Your Entire Makeup Routine

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A beautyblender is the type of product that confuses most amateurs people, but gives literal LIFE to makeup lovers everywhere. The colorful egg-shaped sponges can be used for a multitude of things, including blending out foundation, strobing to the gods, applying powder and so much more. But even if you know what you’re supposed to do with a beautyblender, executing flawless makeup application like your favorite YouTube beauty gurus can def be more tough than it looks. Lucky for you, we have a slew of useful hacks, tips and tricks on how to properly use a BB.

Follow the below guidelines and you’ll become a beautyblender pro in no time at all. Watch out, Jaclyn Hill!

1. If you’ve ever walked into Sephora, you know there are a TON of beautyblender options. You may think they’e all basically the same, but they’re not! Here’s the difference:



2. And here’s a more in-depth description of the differences:

3. There’s a reason why beautyblenders are shaped like eggs…

4. To really get the most out of the makeup sponge, ALWAYS make sure you wet it before use:

5. Now that you know the basics of a beautyblender, let’s talk about actually using it! Follow these steps to flawlessly apply foundation and concealer:

6. But a beautyblender isn’t just good for foundation and concealer — you can also use it to apply powder, bronzer, etc.:

7. Wait — did we say powder? Yup! A damp beautyblender can help prevent the dreaded cake-face:

8. Wanna start baking like your fave YouTube beauty gurus? Here’s how to do it using a beautyblender:

9. If you find the OG beautyblender a bit big, try the version:

10. While you’ll mostly be using a beautyblender for your face, it can be super helpful for body makeup, too.

11. Save your plastic Easter eggs for a perfect DIY storage space:

12. But no matter how well you store the sponges, you’re gonna need to deep clean ’em. Here’s how to do it:

13. Even if you don’t have time to go through the whole sanitization process, you can still do this simple cleaning method after each use:



14. Looking for a more affordable makeup-sponge option? Try Real Techniques’ Miracle Complexion Sponge!

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