13 Times You Definitely Should Not Text Your Crush

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It is often said that there is a time and place for everything. There is a time when it is appropriate to send your friend a dirty chain text message, for example (nearly always, in my opinion), and there is a time when it is not (when their mom is monitoring their phone because they’re scared they’re sending “inappropriate” texts). Likewise, there is a time when it is appropriate to tell someone when you were robbed at gunpoint in Rio, Brazil (when you were), and a time when it is not (when you were not).

You get the picture.

In following this logic, it stands to reason that there is a time that you should text your crush, and that there is a time that, for whatever reason, you should not. I mean, duh — this is a principle that everyone understands on a very basic level, I think, but one that is harder to execute in practice. There is something about having a crush on someone that makes very normal behavior — like saying “hi” to them in the hallway — somehow seem impossible to do, but very abnormal behavior — like staring at them in class, or writing their last name with yours to make it seem as though, I don’t know, you have secretly eloped with them without anyone knowing, least of all themselves — seem normal.

So, if you really want to text your crush, but aren’t quite sure if this is the time and/or the place to do so, check out these times that you definitely should not text your crush:

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