11 Useful Tips & Tricks That’ll Help You with Your Procrastination Problem

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Now that you’ve been back to school for a couple months, you should officially be in the swing of things. Keyword: should.

We don’t care that it’s not even November yet, chances are you’re already dealing with a case of Senioritis…even if you’re nowhere close to being a senior. Procrastination is something almost every single person has dealt with in their life, mostly during their school years. While you can try your hardest to kiss your procrastinator tendencies goodbye, sometimes you need a little extra help — and that’s where these useful tips come in!

1. First, let’s see some statistics about procrastination:

2. There are lots of reasons why people procrastinate, but these are the most common:

3. If you find yourself procrastinating because of anxiety, it’s typically called ‘Paralyzed Procrastination.’ Here what you can do to help:

4. You can make multiple small adjustments to your work environment in order to be more focused in productive:

5. Making lists of things you need to get done is a super helpful tip:

6. Follow these steps and you’ll no longer have to worry about procrastination:

7. Eating a frog obviously doesn’t sound pleasant, but in the case of procrastination, it’s FAB:

8. Something as simple as changing pens could make all the difference in your productivity:

9. Lay out your studying/homework supplies like this:

10. Who doesn’t love a little reward?!



11. Sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures.

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