16 Prom Things You Should Actually Start Thinking About Now

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It’s February, which means that it’s juuuust about time to start thinking about prom. This sounds like a non-sequitur, I know, but think about it: February is the shortest month, which means that, even with this year’s leap day, it’ll be over before you know it. Then it’s March, which tends to feel like forever, but is usually eaten up by spring break and SAT tests. Then, it’s April a.k.a. prom season. Not to get all Kylie Jenner-faux-philosophizing on you (you know, in that I am literally just stating basic facts, but saying them in a way that implies I think they are gravely impactful for not only my existence, but yours as well), but this literally blows my mind every single year. The point is, prom is closer than you think, so you should probably start thinking about it now.

Obviously, prom shouldn’t be on your mind 24/7 over the next eight weeks or so you’ve got to go before prom actually hits, but starting to think about it now can make so that you aren’t super stressed out about it, say, a week before the bid day. Think of it like starting to study in advance vs. cramming for a big exam that you’ve got — like, you’ll clive if you frantically do everything last minute, and it’ll probably turn out fine, but it’ll be a lot more enjoyable to start planning it in advance. So, check out these prom-related things that you don’t have to start thinking about now, obviously, but certainly won’t hurt to be reminded of:

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