How to Deal with a Break-Up, Celeb Style

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By now, we’re sure you’ve heard about Katy Perry and Russell Brand‘s pre-New Year’s divorce announcement. (We know, we’re still crying too.) But fortch for Katy, she’s got plenty of BFFs (and money) to lean on during this tough time. Wanna see how she’s dealing with her split? We’ll show ya, along with 7 ways other celeb ladies handled their traumatic break-ups.

1. The Katy Perry Way — Go on vacay with your bestie. It hasn’t happened yet, but Rihanna is clearing her schedule and planning a getaway for her and Katy at the end of the month, reportedly to Mexico! Such a good friend.

2. The Rihanna Way — Take off pretty much all your clothes whenever poss. Look how covered-up RiRi is on tour in 2008 (on the left) prior to her infamous break-up with Chris Brown. Now, it looks like she has no problem showing off what her mama gave her.

3. The Vanessa Hudgens Way — Move on with someone less hot. We still don’t understand why anyone would leave someone as beaut as Zac Efron. Nevertheless, it seems like VHudge wasted no time and hopped right back on the relationship train with less-attractive-slash-Chord-Overstreet-lookalike Austin Butler.

4. The Demi Lovato Way — Punch someone in the face. If your ex suddenly moved on to a gorg girl — like Joe Jonas did with Ashley Greene — while you’re still mourning the loss of your relationship, wouldn’t you wanna hit someone? Too bad for D.Lo’s former friend and back-up dancer, Alex Welch, who was just collateral damage.

5. The Taylor Swift Way — Write a song about it and make it public. Maybe this is why Tay hasn’t dated anyone since John Mayer. Or was Jake Gyllenhaal the last guy? We can’t keep up!

6. The Britney Spears Way — Cut shave your hair completely. Brit’s not the first celeb to chop off her locks in the name of love. But after her divorce from K-Fed, she clearly went off the deep end by taking an electric razor to her scalp. Yikes!

7. The Kelly Osbourne Way — Look hot and get toned. When you find out your fiance cheats on you, the best way to get revenge on him is to show him what he’s missing. Look at Kelly’s weight-loss and style now! Okay, so DWTS kinda helped, too.

8. The Kim Kardashian Way — Play the victim. Since Kimmy pretty much controls E!, she can manipulate all the footage of her and Kris Humphries for KKTNY. It’s genius!

Whose post-split action is the funniest? Which relationship demise was the most shocking? How have you handled a big break-up? Go ahead, let it out…

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