From Our BFFS: How Can You Get a Guy to Like You?

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Wanna get your crush from Chem to notice you? You’ve got all the guy-getting tips you’ll need for high school life right here in this vid. Thanks, random hottie, for the advice…

Nick Jonas is now officially a Broadway star! And his pics from opening night at #H2S are 2 cute. [Cambio]

Rihanna‘s got a new tattoo! Not exactly what we would’ve chosen as permanent ink, but uh, to each his own… [Posh24]

You can call Kim Kardashian selfish all you want. But is donating $50,000 to charity selfish? That’s what we thought. [Hollywire]

Is Robert Pattinson going to be singing in Breaking Dawn: Part 2? There are so many reasons this absolutely has to happen. [M]

Just when we thought he couldn’t get any hotter, Pretty Little LiarsKeegan Allen got himself a motorcycle! Maybe he can use it to get Spencer back. #justsayin [Just Jared Jr.]


Because the 3D version of the movie wasn’t quite enough, now there’s a Beauty & The Beast TV pilot in the works! Would you watch? [HuffPost High School]

Maybe you get your boyfriend a sweater for his birthday. But Miley Cyrus? She got her beau Liam Hemsworth a very suggestive birthday cake… [Wetpaint]

Win a prom dress! For free! Yes, this is really happening. [gURL]

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