15 Hacks to Fix Broken Makeup That Will Help You ~Save Face~ (and Money)

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We’ve all had that morning — you’re late for school, you’re rushing to slap on some bronzer so you don’t look like a literal zombie, and you’re fumbling to get your hands on the right products. And then disaster strikes — you drop the palette.

Suddenly, everything is moving in slow motion. You catch a glimpse of your horrified (and still pale) face in the mirror before averting your eyes in disgust. Your attention is quickly drawn to the compact, which is moving in slow motion at this point. It approaches the ground softly, calmly. Until it happens. You blink once, and your beautiful (expensive) bronzer rests in a million pieces on the floor of your bathroom. You can hardly breathe.

You’re just about ready to play hooky for the day, but then you remember something you saw on Pinterest a little while ago about saving broken makeup, and you feel anew.

Here at, we’re no strangers to mornings like these, and we doubt you are either. So in order to make those hectic, miserable Mondays go by a little more smoothly, we’ve compiled this list of hacks, which will teach you how to resuscitate your precious makeup when disaster strikes. Don’t worry — we’ve got your back.

Category 1: Face Products

1. Crush up the little pieces of your broken makeup, mix some rubbing alcohol in and create a paste. Let the mixture dry overnight and voila!

2. You can do the same process using water, but remember that it’ll take longer to dry:

3. Sometimes, compact makeup can develop a hard film that prevents you from getting good pigmentation. Use packing tape to peel it off, and your product will be good as new.

4. Is your BB cream dried out and unable to be used anymore? If so, opt to mix moisturizer and concealer instead — it’s practically the same thing!

Category 2: Eyeshadow

5. Mash up your shattered eyeshadow and mix it with petroleum jelly to make a brand new cream eyeshadow of the exact same color!

Category 3: Eyeliner

6. Revive dried-out liquid eyeliner pens by pulling out the tip, flipping it over, and putting it back. Good as new!

7. Microwave your gel eyeliner to soften it up. Don’t forget to check on it every 10 seconds so it doesn’t become liquid!

8. Out of gel eyeliner? Use a lighter to soften the tip of a kohl pencil and it’ll give you the same effect:

9. Use mascara instead of eyeliner in a pinch!

Category 4: Mascara

10. Use eyedrops to revive dried-out mascara.

11. Or, soak the entire tube in a cup of hot water to soften it up instead.

Category 5: Lipstick

12. Use a lighter to melt and reset broken lipstick.

13. Melt your broken lipstick and petroleum jelly together to get the same shade in gloss form! Don’t forget to let it set for 30 minutes in the fridge before you use it to avoid any burns.

14. Mix a shattered blush with clear lip gloss to get your favorite tint. You aren’t saving the blush, but you are re-purposing it!

Category 6: Nail Polish

25. Put a few drops of nail polish remover in a dried-out bottle. Let it soak, then shake it up to even out the consistency.