11 Easy Contouring & Highlighting Hacks Perfect for People with Dark Skin

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While contouring was once reserved solely for those going on stage and Kim Kardashian, it (along with highlighting, of course) has become a crucial step in almost every beauty-lover’s makeup routine. The process of altering the structure of your face can definitely be intimidating, though, especially if you have dark skin.

Finding the perfect products to carve out your cheekbones & highlight your face to the gods can be a little tough for people of color. There’s always the concern of using things that are too light, which might result in ashy skin. We can’t forget about beauty brands that only have, like, 4.5 color choices, meaning there aren’t any products that can properly create shadow. AND DON’T EVEN GET US STARTED ON FINDING THE RIGHT UNDERTONE! Equality, man. Equality. But nonetheless, there ARE hacks that make the contour/highlight steps of your makeup routine much easier!

1. First thing’s first — let’s discuss all the cool things contouring & highlighting can do to do your face:



2. A bit overwhelmed? No worries! Here’s an easier guide:

3. Now that we have the basics down, let’s talk contouring/highlighting PRODUCTS:

4. If you want to stay a bit more organized, here are the best contouring palettes for dark skin:

5. While you may be worried that baking your face will make you appear ashy, if you use the right technique & products, it’ll make your makeup FLAWLESS!

6. An orange-based powder is a good highlight option for those with deep, warm complexions:

7. Now that you have the technique down, the perfect products selected, etc., it’s time to actually start doing the work! Here’s a step-by-step guide on an actual face:

8. Always remember — blend, blend, blend!

9. Yellow-toned concealer (or powder) is not only good for highlighting, but also color-correcting:

10. If you’re afraid of going overboard, try using little dots of product instead of lines:


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