12 Hacks, Tips and Tricks on How to Properly Clean Your Makeup Brushes

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You can have the best makeup in the world, but without the proper tools, your beauty routine will never be up to par. Good brushes are the key to a flawless face, people! But just like your skin, which needs to be properly cleansed before you start putting on makeup, your brushes also require treatment to make sure they perform to their full potential. Think about all the makeup, oils, dirt, etc., that get trapped inside your favorites — excuse us while we vomit. Say goodbye to that grime forever and learn how to clean those bad boys the right way with the following hacks, tips and tricks:

1. Adding olive oil to soap will give your brushes the conditioning they need despite being cleansed:

2. The acidity of vinegar helps kill all the stubborn bacteria that gets trapped within bristles:

3. To REALLY make sure all the germs are killed, simply heat up pure vinegar and let your brushes soak for a bit:

4. Makeup sponges are a great tool to use, but they require a little extra attention while cleaning. Here’s how you can make sure they’re TOTALLY spotless:

5. Makeup-cleaning mats are useful, but can be a bit pricey. Here’s how you can make your own using a hot glue gun and a plate:

6. You do do the same thing using a clipboard, too:

7. A hair doughnut is perfect to make a sock bun, but also for cleaning your brushes!

8. Coconut oil FTW!

9. Here’s how you can make a spot-cleanser for on-the-go cleanings:

10. While cleaning your brushes is important, making sure they remain in tact is essential, too. Prevent water from getting into the ferrules by letting your brushed dry upside down.

11. Love using makeup sponges but don’t have time to clean them SUPER intensely? Follow the below steps:



12. Here’s how you can take care of your makeup brushes the right way and make them last for YEARS:



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