13 Hacks on How to Apply False Lashes That’ll Make You a Pro in No Time

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Learning how to properly apply mascara can make all the difference in the look of your eyelashes and completely take your makeup to the next level. But while a good ol’ tube of mascara is basically every girl’s secret weapon, there’s only so much it can do… which is where false lashes come in.

Although you may assume celebrities are just blessed with the perfect, full lashes you see on their faces during red-carpet appearances, on TV shows, etc., chances are their eyes are enhanced using falsies. Sure, applying fake eyelashes can be a bit intimidating at first, but with the help of these hacks, tips and tricks you’ll definitely become a falsies master in no time at all!

1. First, it’s important to figure out which style of fake lashes you want to put on your eyes:

2. Have your falsies? How it’s time to put ’em on! Here’s how to do it:



3. Here’s a closer look:

4. If you’re having a hard time getting a whole strip to stick, you can always cut it in sections and apply them one by one.

5. You can also buy individual lashes, which you apply in a similar manner:

6. Amber Rose’s new cosmetics line, Flirt, has a tool that actually makes applying individual falsies SUPER easy:

7. Always look down into a mirror when applying fake eyelashes:

8. Painting the lash glue directly on your eyes and THEN putting the lashes on top is another option:

9. Falsies are typically uses to enhance your top eyelashes, but you can also put ’em on your bottom lash line for a more dramatic look:

10. If you have round eyes, curling the fake lashes around a brush, mascara tube, etc., for a few minutes will really help:

11. You can actually wear your lashes multiple times, but you need to make sure you clean them properly. Here’s how:

12. If the lash glue is really stuck, take a clean spoolie brush with some rubbing alcohol and get the remnants off:

13. Now that you’re a false-lash expert, you’re probably going to want to buy multiple pairs, which means you need some sort of a storage system.

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