How Selena Gomez Met 7 of Her Closest Famous Friends

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Taylor Swift‘s squad members seem to be completely open to talking about their first meetings with the “New Romantics” singer. Some met her through mutual friends (did you know Emma Stone actually introduced Taylor to Hailee Steinfeld??), some met her at an awards show, others at a party… You get the deal. One such squad member who’s talked about her first meetup with Tay: Selena Gomez.

But now it’s Selena’s turn. While her friends seem to be a bit more tightlipped than Tay’s — where are the fun stories, Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Benson?? — Selena’s got more than enough tales to tell of her first encounters with some of her closest friends in Hollywood. Here are seven of ’em, straight from the sources themselves:

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