8 Ways You’re More Like Cinderella Than You Think

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We’d be willing to bet that you’ve never before given much thought to the fact that you’re pretty similar to Disney’s Cinderella. You know, the poor orphan girl who is tormented by her stepmother and jealous stepsisters, but ends up marrying the much sought-after Prince Charming. If that doesn’t sound like you yet, don’t worry. Here are the eight ways you’re not so different from Cinderella after all:

1. You’re forced to clean before you can go out. And it’s really annoying and time-consuming.

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2. You freak out when you’re about to miss your curfew. Maybe your ride won’t turn back into a pumpkin, but there will still be dire consequences. Like being nagged by your parents, for one.

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3. You’re forgetful at the wrong times. Just a word of advice — don’t leave one of your shoes behind at a party, future princess or otherwise.

4. Clothing mishaps are a dime a dozen for you. Cinderella’s stepsisters literally ripped her dress with their bare hands. But that’s more than you can say for your ripped jeans and stained dresses.

5. You’ve got family members who get on your last nerve. For Cinderella, it’s her stepfamily. For you, maybe it’s your Great Aunt Ethel, who keeps asking you when you’re going to get a boyfriend.

6. Sometimes you can’t find anything to wear to a party you really want to go to. Unfortch, we don’t all have a fairy godmother to whip us up something special with her magic wand.

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7. You’ve earned a nickname that you hate. Fun fact, Cinderella’s just a nickname that her terrible family calls her because she’s always gross from cleaning. Now your much-hated nickname doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

8. You sometimes feel under-appreciated. But don’t worry, every dog has its day, so to speak.

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