SURVEY: How Much Would You Spend on a Celebrity Meet-and-Greet?

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How much would pay to meet your favorite celebrity?

You would think that famed musicians like Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato would know that most of their fans are fairly young; many of them not even in their teens. Yet, for some reason, that fact seems to go over their heads, as they demand that their fans pay thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars just to be in the presence of their idols when they, most likely, don’t have much of a disposable income.

Before the 22-year-old “Company” singer canceled all of his Purpose Tour meet-and-greets, he insisted that fans pay $2,000 to snap a selfie with him and sit close to the stage. Don’t worry, though — if you purchased one of these coveted VIP packages, you were guaranteed a behind-the-scenes tour and a plaque to commemorate your time. Great. And now that the M&G part is canceled, fans have a choice: get a refund, but give away your ticket to the concert in the process OR go the show having paid $2,000 to not even meet JB. Decisions, decisions…

Then there are Demi & Nick’s Honda Civic Tour: Future Now meet-and-greet packages. If you want the so-called ultimate experience, which includes a backstage tour, dinner, a meet-and-greet with Demi and Nick, special photos and exclusive gear, you and three of your friends would have to spend a whopping $10,000. And that’s not even including a ticket to the performance!!!

While we’re huge fans of the aforementioned acts, as well as a bunch of other stars who charge similar amounts for M&Gs, some could argue that this is going too far. But maybe that’s just us. (Like, who needs to save up for college when you can have a picture with another human, huh?) We wanna know what YOU think. How much would you spend on a celebrity meet-and-greet? How would you pay for it (your parents, your job, etc.)? And who would you spend it on? Tell us in the comments below, or shoot us an email at staff[at]teen[dot]com with the subject line CELEBRITY MEET-AND-GREETS SURVEY, and you could be featured in an upcoming story on Teen!

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