10 Ways Your Life Will Be So Freaking Different in 5 Years

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It’s hard to imagine what your life will be like one week from now, let alone FIVE YEARS from now. But, take it from us, it’ll be totally different than it is today. (And, not to jinx it, but we think it’ll be better.)

But, to help you out a little with envisioning what the future may hold for you, we’ve compiled this neat little list of the ten big ways your life will probably change significantly in just five short years:

1. School will be optional. Once you graduate from high school, the world is your oyster.

2. So will living with your parents. You could move to a new country, if you feel so inclined (and brave enough).

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3. You’ll probably have had your first serious relationship. May the odds be ever in your favor.

4. You’ll feel old at least once a month. You won’t actually be old, but tell that to your brain which will be freaking out.

5. Your personal style will be more refined. As in, your friends will be able to look at an article of clothing and say, “that is such a you top.”

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6. Your list of celebrity crushes will look different. They’ll be a bit more weathered and mature-looking.

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7. You’ll utter the phrase “kids these days.” Even though sometimes you’ll still feel like a kid! It’s wild.

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8. You’ll have to figure out how to file taxes. Which is scary and confusing and something no one should be subjected to.

9. Depending on how old you are right now, you may be able to legally get your party on in a different way. That’s not to say we encourage it at all though because TEEN.COM.

10. You’ll be expected to have solidified your life’s plans. Although no one ever really does that. Not even old people.

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