24 ‘How Italians Do Things’ Memes You’ll Find Hilarious Even if You’re Not Italian

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If there’s one thing you know about being Italian, it’s that you talk with your hands a lot. Like, a LOT, a lot. Like, you’ve probably knocked over glasses of water, remote controls, etc., all because you got too animated during a discussion.

While the world has known about Italians’ love of specific hand gestures for, like, ever, the ‘How Italians Do Thing’ meme only recently came about. According to KnowYourMeme.com, the latest Internet craze is “an image macro series featuring pictures of people performing various actions while making a finger purse hand gesture, with captions containing custom versions of the phrasal template, ‘How Italians X.’

If you’re still confused by the gesture, it basically ~translates~ to, “What do you really want?” Don’t question it too much…just laugh along!

1. Nothing to see here…

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2. Behold:


4. Is there a problem?

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5. It takes a long time, but…

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6. ?!!?!?!?


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8. Seems legit.


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10. V talented.

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11. Not the most practical, but…

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12. Looks like he loves it:

13. HA!

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14. 🙂

15. How romantic!

16. If Harry Potter was set in Italy:

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17. Yikes.

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18. Such strength!

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19. #FriendshipGoals

20. #RelationshipGoals

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21. Cramping!

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22. ZzzZZZZzzzzZZz

23. Iconic!

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24. Safe!

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