11 Ways Hollywood is Exactly Like Your Average High School

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It turns out that Hollywood and high school aren’t as different as they might originally seem. Sure, one place you get paid millions of dollars to be beautiful and talented and the other place, you’re forced to attend even when you’re having a bad hair day. But, apart from those things, we basically can’t tell the two apart!

Here are 11 ways that Tinseltown is just like high school:

1. Everything is a competition. Even when you don’t know that you’re in a competition, trust us, you are.

Mila Kunis Competition

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2. There are cliques everywhere. That one cafeteria scene in Mean Girls was not wrong, in terms of high school and Hollywood.

One Direction Clique

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3. There’s new drama every day. The only difference is that, when you’re a celebrity, people write about your drama for a living. Unless you’re a character on Gossip Girl, in which case, we’re sorry about all of your secrets being on the Internet.


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4. One embarrassing moment can ruin your entire time there. Here’s to hoping you avoid ripping your pants during an assembly or your dress during The Oscars.

Zac Efron Smile Cry

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5. You have to suck up a little to get by. Because getting a good role and a good grade with all of that aforementioned competition require equal amounts of buttering up.

Clueless Grades Negotiations

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6. Having friends in the right places is your key to happiness. This might be a general rule of life, but we’re positive that if you ever find yourself lost in the middle of a high school or Hollywood, the right friend is all you need.

You're My Friend Beasts of the Southern Wild

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7. Things get pretty weird. Another possible general rule of life.

Ariana Grande Weird

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8. The upperclassmen get treated better than the new kids. Which seems unfair, until you become an upperclassman (or Hollywood legend), and then you’ll totally understand the hierarchy.

New Girl Youths

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9. Everyone knows everyone else. And you can bet that you’ll run into the exact person that you don’t want to see at every moment that you don’t want to see them.

Sammy Sweetheart You Don't Know Me

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10. Everyone’s dating the ex of someone they know. There are only so many dateable people when your school-slash-town seems so tiny.

Mean Girls Ex Boyfriends Off Limits

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11. When you’re there, it’s hard to imagine life outside of it. Can you imagine if every celebrity just chose to start living like a normal? Or, for a better example, ask the nearest high school student about their college plans.

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