14 Perfect Posts That Show How Harry Potter Actually Should Have Ended

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Into Harry Potter? Statistically, you probably are. Harry Potter is the most popular book series in the world, with each book selling over 50 million copies each.

When you love something this much, there often tends to come a bit of ownership along with it — so, when reading the series or watching the movies, you probably caught yourself thinking that this character should have ended up with that one, or one particular scene should have gone a different way, or that the ending, perhaps, could have been totally different.

It doesn’t help that J.K. Rowling, the literal creator of the entire series — and, as a byproduct, its ending — is constantly editing and adding random tidbits to the story, like that Dumbledore was gay and Harry and Voldemort are actually related.

But, you know what? Post-work edits are totally fine, I think. Henry James did it. Steve Jobs did it. Kanye West does it, so I don’t see why J.K. Rowling can’t do it, too. And, of course, this justifies your own non-canon fan fictions and fantasies about Harry Potter — many of which, as I am sure you already know, are already on the Internet. So, check out these, ah, alternative endings to Harry Potter that show you how the series actually should have ended:

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